Dehumidifiers: The Perfect Companion to Your Heater
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We want you to take a moment to assess your home’s heater. Are you currently satisfied with your home comfort? If the answer is no although you scheduled an appointment for maintenance and you might have even ventured to get into repair work, then it’s time to try new measures. Your indoor air quality services go hand-in-hand with your heating services. If you’re looking for a great dehumidifier in Cedar Rapids, IA, we’re the team who can help you get one.

We’re going to go into everything you need here today. Although we’re as in-depth as we possibly can be in our blogs, we can’t always make our content here specifically tailored to your needs. If you need personal service, our heating technicians are experts, and we can come out to your home to schedule an appointment with us today.

Why Dehumidify During Winter?

Humidity is one of those things that makes you feel much warmer than you actually are. This is why summer days that have high humidity feel so much hotter than summer days that have dry heat. Because of this, you probably associate dehumidifiers with air conditioners. This begs the question: why dehumidify during winter? The perfect place to dehumidify during winter is in your basement. It will keep this area dry and healthy too. We’ll get into everything below:

Keeps Things Dry

Most of the homeowners we encounter around Cedar Rapids have basements that are more than your average basement. If you’ve remodeled your basement into a living area, extra playspace for the kids, or anything along these lines, then, of course, you’d like it to stay dry and comfortable during the winter season.

This is hard to do if you have basement heater. Basements aren’t built to be well-ventilated. This means that all the heat and moisture get captured in one area with no escape. If this results in a basement that’s a little too balmy after running your heater for a while, then you should consider a dehumidifier.

Helps Keep You Healthy

Your dehumidifier will help you prevent the growth of mold and mildew. High humidity quickly leads to the growth of mildew and mold. Not only is this an eyesore and a pain to clean, but it’s also a real health issue. You cannot afford to let mold or mildew go undetected or untreated in your home.

That’s where the beauty of a dehumidifier comes in. Dehumidifiers prevent mold and mildew from even happening.

Our Dehumidifier Services

We install and replace dehumidifiers in Cedar Rapids. If you are new to the dehumidification game and need some guidance, then we’re are happy to help you out. We only work with the best brands on the market. Every home is different and our indoor air quality technicians take this into account before we perform any work in your home.

We know that your heater and dehumidifier services don’t necessarily seem like two things that go hand-in-hand, but we promise you that it can make a positive difference in your home.

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