Got a Lingering Heating Issue?

Let’s take a mental trip back to March or April of last year. The frigid temperatures of December and January were a thing of the past. The weather was getting milder as the days stretched on. You were swapping out your heavy coats for lighter layers and the forecast was looking up. That weird thing that your heater was doing all winter was starting to bother you less and less—you had spring to look forward to! What’s it going to hurt to put it off until next fall.

Well, now fall is here. You probably turned on your heater hoping that nothing would be wrong with the system after a substantial amount of downtime and… yup! The problem was still right there waiting to rear its ugly head. You can’t outrun your problems! What you can do though is run to the phone and call one of our heating technicians in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Call Us For…

Here is a short list of things you should call us over when it comes to your heating concerns. We’re going to make sure that you have the best heating work possible.

1.      Odd Cycling

Have you noticed that you feel like your heater is running in odd cycles? Maybe you feel like your heater runs all day long and doesn’t provide you with exceptional heating. Maybe you feel like you have to stay on top of your thermostat and turn it up all day just to get it to run. Neither of these scenarios are good. You’re experiencing a symptom of inefficiency and you need our experts to manage it.

2.      A Lack of Warm Air

Do you feel like you need to have your heater on and running all day long? Does any moment of down time result in your home’s internal temperature dipping off in record time? You might be struggling with your heater producing lukewarm air. Our professionals can fix this for you. Just call us today.

3.      Inconsistent Heating

Are there rooms in your home that feel like a meat locker? Are there other rooms in your home that are so warm that you can’t spend a substantial amount of time in them because it’s just too hot? Your home is bound to have some temperature disparities, but they should never be this stark. If they are, then you need to get in touch with us.

4.      Mounting Energy Bills

Are you paying more and more for our heating although nothing has really changed about how you run your system? This means that you’re not paying for heating—you’re paying for inefficient operation. Call us to solve this issue today.

5.      Concerning Noises

Watch out for noises coming from your heater. Generally speaking, your heater shouldn’t pick up any personality with time. What we mean by this is that your heater should never show off any new tricks. If your heater has started to do something that you’re largely unfamiliar with like make a new somewhat concerning sound, then you need to get in touch with our professionals about it.

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