IAQ Services to Help Your Heater

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If you’re looking for better heating services, we want you to know that the heating services don’t always start with the heater itself. Sometimes, the heating problems that you’re facing are all about your home’s indoor air quality. Your indoor air quality and your heating go hand-in-hand. One can’t be great without the support of the other. It’s a symbiotic relationship that you should be nurturing.

Want to know how to nurture it best? Start with the little help to your HVAC system in Tiffin, IA. We’re here to help you figure out some ideas of how to get started. We’re going to give you a crash course in everything you should know today.

What’s The Problem?

The best way to start finding a solution is by pinpointing the issue. Let’s talk about what you might be experiencing below…

“I’ve Got High Energy Bills”

You’ve got high energy bills in your home. Normally, you could expect this after a particularly cold month where you were roaming around the house in minimal layers. You’re a little thrown though because you haven’t been doing anything differently this year. You’ve been starting your heater at about the same time, turning it off at the same time, and running it at around the same thermostat settings. So what’s up?

What could actually be hurting your home is the amount of dirt and grime that you have in your home’s ductwork. If you’ve noticed that you’re paying more although nothing is wrong, the best place to start is a duct cleaning. If the duct cleaning doesn’t prove to be enough, you should consider armoring up your home with an air filter or air purifiers for your home. This is the best way to ensure that your home’s heating bills get low and stay low for years to come.

“I’m Never Warm Enough”

You have a heater in your home and yet… you’re never warm enough. You can do seemingly everything to get your home warm, but it just never seems to work out for you. Maybe even when you get your home warm you can’t keep it at that level of warmth for too long. The oddest part about this is that there’s nothing wrong with your home’s heater… so what’s wrong?

Your humidity balance might be to blame. If your home’s humidity dips below a reasonable amount (30%) you might start to notice that your home feels freezing. That’s because water vapor (or humidity) makes you feel warmer at a lower temperature. Consider a whole-home humidifier for this reason.

“I Can’t Balance My Warmth with My Ventilation “

If your home is warm, it’s stuffy, but if your home is well ventilated then you’re going to be freezing. It’s like you can’t find balance between comfort and a ventilated home. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice fresh air for a warm home. If you are, you should consider a heat or energy recovery ventilator. We’re here to help you find which system is best for your home.

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