Refrigerant Loss: Everything You Should Know

The refrigerant in your air conditioner is one of the most important parts of the AC system. It’s what’s keeps your air conditioning system working and it’s what keeps your home cool throughout the summer.

We’re not expecting you to know much about refrigerant in your system. That’s why our experts are here. We’re the ones you can come to for guidance. If you’re having trouble with your air conditioner and you think it could be a refrigerant problem, then you should contact our professionals for AC repair in Iowa City, IA.

Refrigerant Loss, Recharging, and “Topping Off” Your Refrigerant

The main problem we face with homeowners when it comes to refrigerant is actually the mindset that they have about it. When you’re losing refrigerant, it’s always because of a leak. Words and phrases we hear surrounding refrigerant are things like “recharging” and “topping off.” You really can’t do either of these things. You wouldn’t try to fill up a cup that has a hole in it’s side. You know that any liquid you poured into it wouldn’t inevitably leak out. The same logic applies to your refrigerant.

Below, we’re going to help you determine if the problems you’re facing are actually refrigerant problems. If they are, our professionals have the right work to help you improve your HVAC services as a whole.

The Problem with Leaking Refrigerant

Your air conditioner has a set charge of refrigerant. This means that if you’re losing any part of that refrigerant then the performance of your system is being put in danger.

How to Tell If You’re Losing Refrigerant

You might notice a variety of troubles with your air conditioner, but how do you know if the problem that you’re having is with your refrigerant. Here are some signs:

  • Low Airflow: The first thing you’ll notice is a drop in performance. This is going to look like things like low airflow. You might find yourself naturally overcompensating for this by running your air conditioner much longer than you normally would.
  • Warm Air: Warm air happens when you have frozen coils in your system. This happens when there’s less cold refrigerant moving through the evaporator. It’s not able to absorb as much air when the coil is frozen. The rest of your refrigerant can’t warm up as it should with a frozen coil and you’ll notice warm air as a result.
  • Lack of Cooling/ Trouble Operating: Have you noticed that your air conditioner seems to struggle to perform? Maybe it takes a while for it to start up or you hear the outdoor unit humming a little harder than usual. This is a result of your air conditioner overworking itself without the proper foundation.

All these signs above are the signs that you’re losing refrigerant. You should note these signs and contact a professional as soon as possible to rid your home of this problem.

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