Short Cycling, Odd Sounds, Foul Odors: All Bad Signs

Is the warm weather getting the best of your air conditioner already? If you notice any oddities with your operation, then the answer is yes. The good thing is that you don’t have to recognize air conditioning problems as immediate doom and gloom. Instead, you can schedule an appointment with us for air conditioning repair in North Liberty, IA.

A lot of the air conditioning problems that you’re experiencing are pretty common. We’re going to run through the problems that you might experience below. Any behavior from your air conditioner that you don’t recognize is a problem though. Contact us sooner than later for the work that you need.

The Problems Included in Our Title

Let’s start off with problems that got you to click on this blog:

Short Cycling

Have you noticed that your air conditioner is short cycling?

Short cycling is when your air conditioner starts up like usual and runs without incident… but then it stops short. It’s odd, but it’s not exactly alarming. Then the twist hits—your air conditioner starts up all over again shortly after.

The biggest problem with short cycling is that it’s terrible for your home’s efficiency. We’re able to help you with what you need.

Odd Sounds

Have you heard some odd sounds coming from your air conditioner? You might notice that your home starts to make odd noises whenever this unit runs.

The odd sounds that you hear might including banging, rattling, scraping, and more. You should never be able to describe your air conditioner as loud or disruptive. If you can, then you need better care.

Foul Odors

Are you hearing some weird noises coming from your air conditioner? You might smell things like a musty sent. When you notice something like this, you should note it and have one of our team members address it as soon as possible.

Some Other Issues You Might Have

Here are some other problems that you might have in your home this spring and summer:

Low Output

Are you running your air conditioner a lot more often than you should? Do you find yourself choosing the lowest temperatures possible to make your home reach some semblance of cool? These are both signs that you have low output. If you want to confirm that this is your issue, just put your hand near a vent. If the stream isn’t strong then it’s a problem.

High Energy Bills

Are your energy bills coming in the mail and shocking you? High energy bills are a clear sign that you have terrible efficiency. We’re prepared to help you get the efficiency that you’re looking for. We’re responsible professionals that recognize the signs of AC trouble.

Inaccurate Thermostat Readings

Is your thermostat reading just… too off? A terrible thermostat reading means that there’s a disconnect between your thermostat and your air conditioner. This is going to catch up with you eventually. Don’t let an inaccurate thermostat reading damage your home.

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