The Various Benefits of a Gas Furnace

After years of having the same heating system, you’re eventually going to need an upgrade. If you’re thinking of upgrading to a different type of system, then our professionals are here to assist you in the transition. Are you thinking about upgrading to another type of gas furnace system? We think this is a fantastic idea.

We specialize in working with gas furnaces in Cedar Rapids, IA. If you’re wondering where to start with getting a new gas furnace, we’re here to help. We always want to make things as simple as possible.

The Benefits of a Gas Furnace

Not sure if you want to opt for using a gas furnace? We can help you make the decision. Here are some of the various benefits of adding a gas furnace to your home:

Better Efficiency

We’re all looking for better efficiency from our heating systems. Let’s face it. Why wouldn’t you want better heating for a lower price? Gas furnaces are incredibly efficient. In fact, AFUE ratings are so great now that your home’s heater can be almost 98% efficient.

Although furnaces can be this efficient, this doesn’t mean that they all are. You should consult with one of our professionals to make sure that you’re getting an energy-efficient furnace. Efficiency can be dependent upon the furnace itself and the structure of your home.

Cost Savings

If you want to you save yourself a little money, then upgrading to a new heating system is a great thing to do. You can reduce your home’s heating bills up to 70% depending on the system you choose. We know your home’s heating bills can really add up. It gets quite cold here in Cedar Rapids. If you want to stay warm and save yourself money, upgrading is a great place to start.

More Warmth

Getting a new heater can help you stay warm a lot more easily. If you’ve had a heater that’s declining in its effectiveness for a while, you may not consciously realize it, but you’re probably not as comfortable as you could be. If you’re having to layer up more often, run your heater for longer amounts of time, or choosing high temperatures for your thermostat, then you’re probably not warm enough. Your comfort is important and gas furnaces are a great system to provide for that need.

Professional Service Makes All the Difference

Now, we can talk about how great gas furnaces are all day and we meant it. One thing that we don’t want you to lose sight of is how important the actual installation is going to be for the operation of your system. You need a team of professionals who know what they’re doing. Our team has those professionals available for you.

Things don’t end after the installation is done though. We can also provide other services that your furnace may need including replacement, repair, and maintenance. Gas furnaces need specialized care because if they fall into disrepair they can create a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our care goes the extra mile. If you’d like professional service that understands how important your home comfort is, make sure that you come to our team.

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