When to Get a New AC System

Spring is officially here! This means that you’re taking the time to clean up your wardrobe, clean in all those hard-to-reach corners, and open up your windows and let in some fresh air. The days are getting longer, and you can feel the warm weather approaching. What are you doing to get prepared?

If you’ve already toyed with the idea of getting yourself a new air conditioner, then now might be the time for you to pull the trigger. Our team specializes in AC installation in Cedar Rapids, IA. If you want to get yourself a new air conditioning system, we’re going to be the team to help you do this.

When to Replace

Here are a few signs that you should upgrade your home’s air conditioner:

1.      You’ve Had Your Current One for 10 Years or More

Your air conditioner can’t last you much more than 10-15 years. We know that you might feel comfortable with your air conditioner even if it’s reaching this higher age range. Don’t think that you can just skate by with an air conditioner for too long. It’s going to be a problem sooner than later. It’s time to get yourself prepared for the switch. We know how to assess your current needs to make sure that you’re getting everything you need.

2.      You Repair Constantly

Do you repair your home’s air conditioner on a regular basis? It might be to the point where warm weather is synonymous with a repair need. This isn’t something that you should have to deal with. Constant repair work means that you’re shelling way too much cash into your air conditioner. It’s not cost effective nor is it worthwhile. We’re going to help you get a new air conditioning system that doesn’t need so much constant care.

3.      You’re Not Cool Enough

Are you having trouble getting cool in your home? You’re not cool enough if you’re hovering over your thermostat trying to adjust it, turning your thermostat down to unreasonably cool temperatures, or running your air conditioner for extended periods of time. This is never a good sign. We’re here to help you if you want quality service.

4.      IAQ Problems

Do you sneeze and cough whenever you’re in your home? What about your humidity balance? Is it balanced or is it sliding all over the place? Does your home feel stale? These are all indoor air quality issues that are exacerbated by poor indoor air quality. We want to help you avoid these problems in the future.

5.      Your AC Costs Too Much

Have you noticed that you’re shelling out quite the pretty penny for your air conditioning? It gets hot here during the summer, but it’s only spring right now. If you’re already noticing that your air conditioning bills are higher than they should be, then it’s likely that they’ll increase as the warm weather season marches on. We’re prepared to help you.

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